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At LifeDNA, your DNA can do more than draw a family tree.

By using our most comprehensive genetic analysis, you will get everything you need to improve your mind and body. The LifeDNA Report Bundle can help you discover what foods, nutrients, vitamins, and exercises work best for your unique body.  You can learn more about yourself than ever before, improve your skin and overall wellness, and truly optimize your diet, lifestyle, and workout routine so you can live a better life.


Experience the best workout of your life. See what exercises are right for you.

Immunity & Vitamins 

Learn which vitamins, nutrients, and supplements you need.

Health & Wellness 

Take care of your body the smart way: with genetic insights and powerful strategies.

Personality & Cognition  

Discover yourself, your intelligence, personality, and more.


Safely treat your skin and reveal the best complexion of your life.

Gain a lifetime of insights in over 130 unique trait reports.

Our mission is to inspire people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives with the power of their DNA.

Unlocking critical insights hidden in your DNA is important because this can help you better understand your personal strengths and weaknesses, prevent your health risks, and ultimately reach your full potential. Thie LifeDNA Health Bundle includes life-changing information about your health and body in 6 of the world’s most in-depth DNA health reports.

Accurate results

Improved diet
and nutrition

A fitter and healthier body

Better immunity and health

Unique abilities and hidden talents

Youthful, glowing skin

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Awesome service that gives a deeper insight into how to better improve your overall health. Quick and easy product to use with an excellent customer service team. Thank you LifeDNA for helping me better understand myself and my health!

Chad Matsui

LifeDNA Customer

| Great

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I am so thankful I finally decided to take the plunge! And submit my DNA to life DNA. The information that I have learned it’s so incredibly helpful to help me healthy and well!! Should you have any health issues, this is a great roadmap to help you learn how you can fast recover. Or at least for me. I am very happy with LIFE DNA!! I also get weekly reports on new things to help me with my health. 

Lyn Williams

The results match up with what I’ve been told by Doctors over the years and have also helped explain various family genetic problems as well. I highly recommend the subscription as it deep dives into far more detail and gives a total person perspective on all aspects of your life and health 

James Ryan

This was a very interesting and unique experience! I highly recommend it to everyone who has done the DNA testing. Everything that it discovered were things that I thought were so or maybe didn't even think about it, but all of the results were spot on! I loved it so much that I plan on having the other kids in my family do this too!

Karen Pennington

Really clear instructions on how to download and upload your DNA. Easy to follow explanations of what was discovered

Talia C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have already taken a DNA test before. Can I upload my existing raw data?

Absolutely! Our system is compatible with 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, and Family Tree DNA data. You simply need to upload your raw file from any ot these companies, and your results will be generated instantly.

Do you offer a DNA test?

Yes! If you haven’t taken a DNA test yet, please check out our DNA Health Test Bundle to get started and unlock over 130 traits in 6 highly personalized reports. 

*DNA kit is available in the US and Canada only.

Will this report diagnose any diseases or conditions that I may have?

No, our reports do not diagnose you with any diseases. Your report bundle primarily provides information on your nutrition, fitness, immunity, wellness, health, personality, cognition, and skin.

How much are your reports?

Our LifeDNA Health Report Bundle, which is exclusively available for people who have already taken a DNA test, is offered at $99.

Our DNA Health Test Bundle, which includes a DNA kit, is priced at 

Will you sell my data to 3rd parties like insurance companies? How do you protect my data?

When you upload your DNA to LifeDNA or take a DNA test , you keep 100% ownership over your data. We will NEVER sell your data, and we will NEVER share it without your permission.

Your data is encrypted, protected, and safe. You can have your DNA information deleted anytime. Just send us a message and we’ll do so right away.

Got some questions? Check out FAQs here.

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Research - Driven Reports 

Designed to help you live a better life.

Our Scientific Advisors consist of globally renowned experts in genetics, nutritional biochemistry, molecular biology, and more.

The LifeDNA team of dieticians and genetic researchers is working hard to give you the exact recommendations you need for a better life.

Based On The Latest Genetic Research

You keep 100% ownership over your DNA.

You own your DNA data.

We will never sell or share your DNA with anyone without your permission

Your data is encrypted, protected, and safe.

LifeDNA’s top priority is the security of your genetic information

You have full control over your DNA information.

You can request for your data to be deleted at any time.

Get a complete picture of your health using your DNA.

We’re working hard To:

Create smarter, more detailed DNA reports that give you the info you really need.

Explore new research to generate the most advanced and precise reports possible.

Solve everyday health challenges such as weight loss, fitness, and health risks.

Get access to the most in-depth DNA health reports in the world.

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