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Learn about your fitness abilities and response to different workouts based on DNA. Get personalized fitness optimizations for your unique body. Improve your performance with actionable lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement suggestions. Plus, discover your intelligence, personality traits, and unique abilities in over 120 unique trait reports.

Experience the best workout of your life. See what exercises are right for your genetics. 

Learn which vitamins, nutrients, and supplements you need based on DNA. 

Take care of your body the smart way: with genetic insights and powerful strategies.

Discover yourself, your intelligence, personality, and more.

Get personalized skin insights tailored to your genetic makeup. 

Discover why people love their DNA-personalized reports

Awesome service that gives a deeper insight into how to better improve your overall health. Quick and easy product to use with an excellent customer service team. 

Chad Matsui

Great tool to help make informed life choices. 


I was able to upload my data and get my results. It was a positive experience and I am very satisfied with my purchase.  


This was a very interesting and unique experience! I highly recommend it to everyone who has done the DNA testing. Everything that it discovered were things that I thought were so or maybe didn't even think about it, but all of the results were spot on! I loved it so much that I plan on having the other kids in my family do this too!


Really clear instructions on how to download and upload your DNA. Easy to follow explanations of what was discovered


Frequently Asked Questions

I have already taken a DNA test before. Can I upload my existing raw data?

Absolutely! Our system is compatible with 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, and Family Tree DNA data. You simply need to upload your raw file from any ot these companies, and your results will be generated in a few hours.

Will this report diagnose any diseases or conditions that I may have?

No, our reports do not diagnose you with any diseases. The For Fathers Fitness Reports primarily provide information on your nutrition, fitness, immunity, wellness, health, personality, cognition, and skin traits.

Will you sell my data to 3rd parties like insurance companies? How do you protect my data?

No. When you upload your DNA to For Fathers Fitness or take a DNA test , you keep 100% ownership over your data. We will NEVER sell your data, and we will NEVER share it without your permission.

Your data is encrypted, protected, and safe. You can have your DNA information deleted anytime. Just send us a message and we’ll do so right away.

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Research - Driven Reports

Designed to help you live a better life.

Our Scientific Advisors consist of globally renowned experts in genetics, nutritional biochemistry, molecular biology, and more.

Our partner, LifeDNA, has a team of dieticians and genetic researchers who are working hard to give you tailored suggestions for better wellness.

You keep 100% ownership over your DNA.

You own your DNA data.

We will never sell or share your DNA with anyone without your permission.

Your data is encrypted, protected, and safe.

Our partners' (LifeDNA) top priority is the security of your genetic information.

You have full control over your DNA information.

You can request for your data to be deleted at any time.

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Sodium sensitivity

Gluten sensitivity

Lactose tolerance

Caffeine sensitivity

Weight change

Protein Intake

Peach Allergy

Peanut Allergy

Shrimp Allergy

Phytoestrogen need

Sugar preference

Snacking behavior


Preference to fatty foods

Antioxidant status

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Vitamin C levels
Vitamin E levels

Zinc levels

Iron levels

Cholesterol levels

Copper levels

DHA levels

Liver enzyme levels

Vitamin B6 levels

Vitamin B12 levels

Vitamin B9 (folate levels)

CoQ10 levels
Probiotic need

Magnesium levels

Iodine levels

Thyroid function

Melatonin levels

Iron levels 
(female natal health)
Calcium levels

Vitamin D levels
Phosphorus levels

Vitamin K levels

 Glomerular filtration rate

Visual acuity

Vitamin A levels

Biotin levels

Vitamin B5 levels

Lactate Clearance
Power vs Endurance

Metabolic Rate and Metabolic Syndrome

Aerobic Capacity

Muscle Strength

Weight Loss and Exercise

Blood Pressure and Exercise

HDL Cholesterol & Exercise
Insulin Sensitivity & Exercise

Motivation to Exercise

Exercise Heart Rate Profile

Injury Predisposition

Hand Grip Strength

Bone Density & Fracture Risk


Post-Exercise Recovery Rate

Exercise-Induced Ischemia

Inflammation & Pain Tolerance

Circadian Rhythm



Health & Wellness

Inguinal Hernia

Motion Sickness
Inflammatory response

Cannabis Dependence & Mental Health

DNA Damage & Detoxification Ability

Menstrual cycle length
Excessive Sweating

Kidney Stone Predisposition

Male Pattern Baldness



Smoking Behavior & Nicotine
Alcohol Consumption



Resting heart rate

Alcohol addiction

Personality & Cognition







Instant Gratification




Fear of Pain
Positive Affectivity

Harm Avoidance

Hearing Function

Sensitivity to Stimuli

Educational Attainment


Cognitive Control


Aggressive Behavior

Emotional Support Seeking


Maternal Sensitivity

Hearing function


Mathematical Ability


Musical Ability


Skin Sensitivity
Excessive Skin Dryness

Oiliness (sebum production)


Facial Pigmental Spots

Skin tanning/SunBurning

Stretch Marks

Facial Wrinkles





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